Struggling to Afford, Maintain and Keep Up With your Computer Hardware?

Struggling to Afford, Maintain and Keep Up With your Computer Hardware?

HaaS Computer Hardware

For many companies, affording and maintaining their business' computer hardware in-house is a real challenge. In addition to the initial capital investment and regular maintenance involved, you constantly have to purchase upgrades as old hardware goes out of date. At Entelitech Solutions, we have a better solution for businesses: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), which provides the hardware and IT support you need at a price you can afford. Get everything you need from hardware, software and on site services to run your business at a fixed, monthly FLAT RATE price.  Now that's service!

All-Inclusive HaaS from Entelitech Solutions offers:

  • Setup of software applications you require to do business
  • Ongoing software and hardware upgrades and fixes
  • Quick delivery of new computer systems when you need them
  • Simple, convenient flat rate monthly billing, rather than regular unforseen capital investment expenses
  • 24/7 tech support as well as regular maintenance
  • The flexibility to scale with your business’ growth and future needs

For any business to succeed today, up to date business computer hardware is critical.  However, new technology is expensive and requires frequent maintenance and costly upgrades. Traditionally this has been a major disadvantage for small businesses but with Entelitech Solutions' HaaS solutions, you can utilize the latest technology and keep up with your better-funded competitor's computer hardware without breaking the bank.

With our all-inclusive HaaS program:
* Get brand new enterprise class hardware every 3 years
* Break something?  No problem with our no questions asked replacement policy
* Get the latest operating system as soon as it comes out at no extra cost
* New Microsoft Office upgrades are also automatic at no extra cost
* Desktops, monitors, laptops,docking stations, servers, firewalls, VoIP phones and more
* Macintosh systems are also available

If you can escape from the hassles and headaches of trying to keep your computer hardware up to date and running by using HaaS, you can focus your resources on growing your business. Your employees will be more productive and will benefit from the implementation of a Hardware as a Service plan. Should you have problems or need tech support at any time, we're located right here in Roseville and we're just a phone call away.

Call Entelitech Solutions today to discuss how HaaS can help solve your computer hardware (and everything else!) needs.

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